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What is
Khatwa’s programme for supervisory skills training?

Khatwa’s supervisory skills training aims at achieving workers job satisfaction, reducing workers turnover rates, and decreasing conflicts in work environment by:

Improving communication and enhancing dialogue
Improving organizational behavior
Developing leadership skills of supervisors and managers of production lines in different industries
Reduce common mistakes in the supervisory process and generate professional behaviors

This training has an extensive impact because supervisors represent the largest segment of managers / leaders globally, and they lead the vast majority of the population in organizations and companies around the world. Moreover, supervisory skills training qualifies and trains supervisors to create a positive working environment that positively impacts not only the professional but also the personal life of the workers.

Main topics of the training: 

Staff performance assessment
Employees motivation
Problem solving and conflicts resolution during work
New employees on-boarding


 Supervisory skills training content is based on an adult learning methods where they learn better when the benefit of training seems to be effective, as well as linking activities to their personal and daily work contexts. The general framework consist of different training types and phases.
Interactive off-the-job training - Part 1 (2 days)
On-the-job training - Part 1 (4-5 weeks)
Interactive off-the-job training - Part 2 (2 days)
On-the-job training - Part 2 (4-5 weeks)

Tools used in training:

  • Problem and conflict resolution tool
  • New workers on-boarding tool
  • Workers assessment tool
  • Self-assessment tool for motivating workers

Stories for Companies

Stories for Individuals

Certified Trainers

To be a certified trainer, please contact us on: feda_mail_icon info@fedamisr.net, mshaker@fedamisr.net

To learn more about the trainings, their dates and how to subscribe, please contact us:
feda_mail_icon : info@fedamisr.net, mshaker@fedamisr.net
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