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TV Interview with the Chairman of FEDA

the contribution of KHATWA project on the Egyptian Labour Market.

the agreement between FEDA and Friedrich Ebert to hold a series of workshops and seminars on industrial investment and the use of solar energy in small industries, as well as the dissemination of a culture of financial inclusion among small entrepreneurs.

FEDA’s Chairman opinion about the new fees imposed by the industrial authority.

FEDA demand the implementation of the President's promise, which he announced more than once two years ago

Formation of the first coalition of small enterprises, including 5 associations

9 winners for "KHATWA" to improve Job quality

Establishing a network of job quality companies in Suez Canal axis in preparation for linking them to Germany

Establishing the first network of business organizations in Job Quality

KHATWA project details

Negotiating with GIZ to extend the "Job Quality" project in Egypt until 2025

KHATWA.... The way to a better working environment (Conference Video)

Cooperation between FEDA and the Korean Development Association for Technology Transfer for Small Industries

Country Report: Supervisory Skills Training Program for SMEs in Egypt

"FEDA" calls for an independent agency for small projects

"Port Said Investors" calls for the development of mechanisms for the management of industrial zones in the governorates

FEDA Chairman: "GIZ" offers project funding to increase the number of women employed in factories

Interview with FEDA Chairman on the latest developments in investment and legislation/Part 2

Interview with FEDA Chairman on the latest developments in investment and legislation/Part 1

publishing the executive regulations of the Industrial Licensing Law after its approval

FEDA Chairman: the establishment of the Development Fund for investment is a waste of public money

«FEDA»: 3 conditions to ensure the success of small enterprises in export

Notes to the Economic Development Associations "on the" investment "and" industrial licenses " lists

"FEDA" calls for the inclusion of "development investment" to the small enterprise system

FEDA Chairman selected to join the Consultative Council of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority

FEDA published the guide of transformation to the formal sector through a conference in cairo

Speech of the Vice chairman of FEDA Wahid Abdul Samad About SMEs in the economic forum of Egypt tomorrow.

Mid-May FEDA will organize conference to present the guide of shifting to the formal sector

Promotion of the Small Enterprises Strategy in Upper Egypt in cooperation with ministry of industry

FEDA travel across different governorates to discuss the "Industrial Licensing Law"

FEDA:The Small Enterprises Authority is in conflict with the new draft law submitted to parliament

Hala Fawzy MP&Vice chairman of FEDA speaking about Challenges facing SMEs

Establishment of a Small Enterprises Authority in response to investors' demands

FEDA and Industrial Development discuss licensing law with Upper Egypt investors

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