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Closing Conference "Industrial Licensing Procedures Law No.15 of 2017 and its Executive Regulations"
21 Oct 2019
AT Cairo
Project: Empowering Small Business to Close the Implementation Gap
Within the framework of the FEDA's participation with government agencies and its work to improve the business environment, encourage investment and measure the impact of the application of economic laws, FEDA held the closing conference on Empowering Small Business to Close the Implementation Gap of Licensing Procedures Law No. 15 of 2017 in cooperation with the Industrial Development Authority and under the auspices of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) at the Grand Nile Tower Hotel, closing of its activities to assess the effects of law enforcement and its executive regulations in achieving its target.
On Monday, October 21, 2019, the conference started at 1 pm and ended at 5 pm. The conference was attended by 95 participants.
The following stakeholders participated in the conference:
First: 14 MPs from the Industry Committee and the Economic Committee, in the forefront MP Mohamed Farag Amer Chairman of the Industry Committee in the Parliment
Second: Representatives of the Industrial Development Authority
Third: Representatives of a number of competent ministries:
1- Ministry of Investment.
2. Ministry of Finance.
3. Ministry of Planning.
4. Ministry of Solidarity.
5- Ministry of Local Development.
6- Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
7. Small Enterprise Development Authority
Fourth: Representatives of the Projects Development Authority
Fifth: - Members of the Board of Directors of the federation
Sixth: - Representatives of economic development associations from different governorates and representatives of the governorates and industrial zones in Cairo - Port Said - Ismailia - Suez - Gharbia - Kafr El Sheikh - Alexandria - North Sinai - 10th of Ramadan - Badr - Minya - Beni Suef - Qena - Assiut - Sohag
Seventh: - Representatives of entrepreneurs and different stakeholders
Eighth: - Some consultants, experts and media.

The conference flow:
First session:
1-Speech of Feda's Chairman Fouad Thabet, who welcomed the attendees, explaining that this conference is a real initiative from the stakeholders towards the law of facilitating licenses and its regulations and that we are all working for the national public interest. He gave a briefing on the Federation through its various and historical activities and its role in supporting small and micro projects. He pointed out that Feda is interested in the legislative structure that works to improve the business environment and the transformation from the informal sector to the formal one, for the benefit of economic development of the Egyptian state.
2-Speech of Hala Abu Al-Saad parliament member and Vice-President of FEDA, who welcomed her colleagues from the parliament and attendees, stressing the importance of the role of the parliament during the current situation in issuing laws stimulating investment, as well as the importance of the role of the Federation in advocating and representing SMEs
3-Speech of MP Mohamed Farag Amer, Head of the Industry Committee, who emphasized on the legislative role played by the parliament and their keenness to issue stimulating legislation to encourage investment. Adding that there is a discrepancy between the vision of the political leadership, which starts very quickly, however, crippled by administration, leading to some executive regulations that empty laws from their purposes and value and keeps them away from their core philosophy.
Second Session:
4-Statement by the representative of CIPE delivered by Saif Al-Khunki, explaining the interest of the International Center in the work of the Union and the support of the Center for economic development activities.
5-FEDA's Economic and Legal Consultants presented booth the report and proposed amendments on the executive regulation which was prepared and reviewed from April 2018 to August 2019 with the support of CIPE in drafting a consensual executive regulation that facilitates the issuance of licenses and all administrative papers for the investors.

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