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Training in management, planning and economic needs for the board members
22 Jul 2017
AT Ain Sokhna
Training Program for the Board of Directors of the Federation of Economic Development Associations
Training in management, planning and economic needs
 General purpose of training:
Developing the skills of management concepts, planning and identifying economic needs for an effective society.
At the end of training, participants shall have the ability to acquire management and planning skills in partnership and identification of Economic needs, both in terms of information and skills
 The participant shall be able to:
1 - Define the concept of participatory planning in a correct manner.
2 - The benefit of participatory planning.
3 - Determine who participates in the planning participation.
4 - Use the steps of planning to participate in society in a scientific way.
5. Use the quadratic analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities - threats) to develop
The community to which it belongs.
6. Knowledge of methods and methodologies for determining the economic needs of participation

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