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What is
Job Quality

Extent to which a job meets person’s needs and/or preferences and the set of job attributes contributes to or detracts from worker’s job satisfaction and well-being *

Workers needs and/or preferences
Job satisfaction
Workers well-being
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What are
the indicators of job quality?

Based on Euro Parliament (2009) definition, there are 13 main indicators of job quality that ensure both work (labor) and employment (contract) quality.

Job quality
Work quality
Employment quality
Work autonomy
Physical working conditions
Health variables
Risk of accidents
Speed/ work intensity
Social working environment
Social benefits
Distribution of Working hours
Working hours
Type of contract

Job Quality?

In recent years, there has been a focus on qualitative aspects of employment in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which can be improved along with the creation of employment opportunities.  

While SMEs are considered to be “the engines of growth” to the economy, there is large concern over the quality of jobs provided. On the one hand, private sector businesses are having difficulty finding skilled workers to fill their vacant positions, particularly in the non- academic sector, while on the other hand many vacant employment positions are offered under poor quality conditions.  

Many jobs, for example are offered without complete employment contracts, little or no social benefits and very low wages. Moreover, women in particular are highly affected by poor quality of employment whereby the lack of safe transportation and proper childcare facilities are set to increase the unemployment rate.

For Society
For Employers
For Workers

1- Importance of Job quality for Society

Aggregate economic performance
Labor market performance & participation & lower
Aggregate productivity & innovation gains
Aggregate Health & safety
Decreased healthcare / remedial costs
Inclusive growth
Economic stabilizers (e.g. insurance)

2- Importance of Job quality for Employers

Increase employee affiliation
Reduce employee absences
Social Responsibility
Compliance to regulations
Human capital

3- Importance of Job quality for Workers

Wages/ economic gains
Health & safety
Human capital
well being, job satisfaction

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