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About FEDA
The Federation for Economic Development Associations (FEDA), an umbrella of several non-governmental organizations (NGOs), was established by 11 NGOs in Greater Cairo and Suez Canal region in 2001 as an initiative from FEDA founders with the support of Friedrich Ebert foundation aiming at developing appropriate representation of different interests in the economic development and employment promotion field. FEDA has played an effective role in drafting the Small and Medium–sized Enterprises (SMEs) law in 2004 (SMEs law no.141 of 2004). It also has worked on developing appropriate proposals to review the SMEs law, which is considered the legal basis to encourage SMEs and enable them to achieve their goals in Egypt in order to facilitate the establishment of enterprises as well as improve the business environment.
The Federation for Economic Development (FEDA) includes 93 member associations spread in 20 governorates nationwide. work in the economic development field and support SMEs.
FEDA aims to develop a service portfolio to offer to member NGOs and SMEs as the considerable improvement in the quality of jobs and employment offered has been observed as a key indicator for developing the performance and competitiveness of SMEs in Egypt
Networking and partnership on civil work is the way to make a democratic leap in the development.
The Federation for Economic Development Associations (FEDA) aims to promote entrepreneurship culture, improve business and investment environment for small businessmen. It also aims to improve job quality as a key indicator of SMEs performance development and competitiveness. Moreover, FEDA represents its members at the local and international level, and works closely with government entities to assist small investors to be able to overcome legal and operational obstacles, by providing, in cooperation with local and international partners, a package of programs, consultancy and services.
-Participating in discussions of issues concerning SMEs conditions and in formulating policies aiming at developing SMEs.
-Support the government on its policy to achieve market economy.
-Achieving the principle of social justice and collaborate with the businessmen and enterprises to spread the principle of social responsibility and the enterprises citizenship.
-Build a network and alliance with parliament members and media to activate the issues that the federation could adopt.
-Enhancement of the business entrepreneurship and spread this culture between the federation member at the governorates.
- To raise awareness with the significance of SMEs in developing the Egyptian economy and income generation.
-To conduct studies and discussions as well as drafting investment-related policies, legislation and procedures in collaboration with stakeholders of the public and private sectors
-To improve job quality in SMEs
-To build technical and institutional capacities of the FEDA member associations
-To coordinate efforts amongst member associations, activate partnerships, study problems and contribute with appropriate solutions

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